Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

[TUTORIAL] Flower Corsage With Simple Kanzashi

Hi there .. ^^
This is my first time to make a tutorial
i would like to show you how to make a flower with a simple kanzashi :D

All you nedd is :
1. Scissors
2. Ribbon, its depend what color you choose . you can make it 8 pieces with a size of about 8-10 cm
3. Needle
4. Thread


Second create a triangular shape with the ribbon
make sure the corners neatly
Third Sewing the bottom of the ribbon
then cut out the rest of the ribbon
if already done like this, please
stitched into a single up like a flower

Yey ! Finish ... ^^
so cute yahh,
you can make it as Headband, Clip, or anything that you like. ^^

Merci ~

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